The GE Internal App Store

Tuesday July 31 2012 by Peter Hanselman

Business Case Study.


Since 2009 General Electric has build an tremendous Internal App Store. Read the Case Study below and realize your own App Store or join iOS Developer Enterprsie Program.


GE's in-house mobile task force, the Mobile Center for Excellence, doesn't just develop cutting-edge apps. They've also built an internal web portal, the GE Internal App Store, to simplify downloads of company-specifi c apps for GE's 300,000+ employees. 


“We needed a great way to distribute mobile applications internally,” says James Blomberg, GE's director of New Media and Emerging Technology. “We also have apps on Apple's App Store, but we needed something private as well, for GE applications that shouldn't be shared with the world.”


Since its launch in 2009, the GE App Store has logged tens of thousands of internal visitors and more than 100,000 app downloads. When new apps are available, the group promotes them on a companywide intranet portal and through postings and word of mouth among GE's 200-member Mobile Center of Excellence, which includes participants from all of GE's major business sectors.


The store's success is due in part to its simple, e∂ ective design. “It's a rich interface, but very easy to use,” says Dayan Anandapa, director of Digital Technologies and Collaboration at GE. “Once you register, you click on a URL to help you through the download process. Since the devices them-selves are seamless, we want installation to be seamless as well.”


At a company as large and diverse as GE, not all in-house apps are appropri-ate for all users. To control access and make apps available only to qualifi ed users, the company has instituted a two-tiered access system. “We have a single sign-on for all apps, and additional access control lists for the private ones,” says Blomberg. 


The GE Internal App Store helps drive overall awareness of GE's mobile resources in addition to easing the app download process. But it has other benefi ts as well. 


“It serves as a repository, a central knowledge-sharing hub for our di∂ erent businesses,” Blomberg says. “And it's really opened up new relationships. People who didn't know each other now work together. Across GE, there's a tremendous amount of collaboration and communication through mobile."


Source: In-House App Accelerator Guide